Being A Millionaire

it's more than having a million

About Us November 25, 2008

My name is Andrea and I live in Coventry with my OH (Other half)  Pete.

Between us we have four children and would describe ourselves as a very modern  ‘Pick ‘n’ mix’ family.

Let me introduce the kids:

Eldest son has just turned 13.  He’s a ‘gifted’ child who spends too much time playing PS3 games when he could be using his ‘gift’ in other ways.

He’s an academic who likes to read a minimum of six books at a time which he can do whilst pushing his younger brother around. He also like to ‘debate’ with me, not argue but ‘debate’. Bless him!

Then there is my 7 year old Middle son who couldn’t be more different. Sporty and outdoors he wants to be a footballer and who can blame him! He hates reading and spends most of his free time kicking a ball and being beaten up by his older brother!

At the same age as middle son is my Step-daughter who is five days older than middle. They are affectionally known as the ‘Evil twins’. For one weekend a fortnight, SD provides me with light relief from a houseful of males and we ‘bond’ by going shopping and brushing each others hair! Creative, she enjoys drawing and making very ingenious ‘things’.

Youngest is 22 months at the time of writing. He was a surprise, though not unwelcome, addition to the family. He’s gorgeous and blonde and snotty and lovely. Can only say a few very random words but this doesn’t stop him joining in conversations while gesticulating wildely.

His current hobbies are walking around wearing one (adult) shoe, throwing things into the garden/bin/toilet  that shouldn’t be there and pushing toy cars around while saying ‘Beep beep!’

We also have a white, fluffy rescue rabbit called Daisy. Her hobbies include eating hay, hiding behind plant pots and being poked in the eye by youngest.

So in between looking after that rabble, I don’t have much ‘me’ time, though I love to bake, knit, draw and write when I get the chance. To get away from the house I go running and ran the London Marathon in April this year, though I admit, that was a little extreme just to get away from the kids for six hours.

Oh, I also run, doing most of my work while the kids are in bed (So that’s late nights and early mornings) and it’s been going from strength to strength. This year sees BeingaMillionaire on the high street when we’ll be in all Hawkins Bazaars up and down the country!


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