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Snot and Sofas August 25, 2009

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Last year I bought a sofa from DFS.

I say bought, but I guess if I’m totally honest, I’ve actually borrowed it. You see I got it on one of their buy now and pay nothing for 12 months deal.

I thought this was the perfect way to get the sofa I wanted before Christmas and with a whole 12 months to save up I’d be able to pay it all off in one go.

My idea has almost worked, I did get the sofa I wanted but so far I’ve saved exactly £0.00 towards the cost. Hmmm…something’s gone wrong here.

Because I’ve got it in my head that it’s borrowed until I pay in October, I’m paranoid about the kids eating on it, sitting on it or even just being near it. Once it’s paid for, they can do what they like, but for the time being they have strict instructions to stay away with anything that resembles food or liquid.

Up until now it’s all gone to plan, until this morning. Sitting there on one of my luxurious chocolate brown, memory foam, chenille sofa cushions was a glistening, sticky trail of snot! And there was another on the arm, and another on the matching cushion. It looked like a family of slugs had broken in during the night and spent a few hours crawling over the settee. What was going on!!!!

It was then that I was aware of a very small person standing behind me. I looked down and recieved a big grin topped by a lurid green layer of thick mucus. ‘Ma!’ he shouted as he clambered up onto sofa using the most ingenious method of pressing his face into the sofa, swinging his body and legs up and then deftly wiping his snot encrusted nose all over the cushion cover as he bought himself upright.

And there he sat, not a drop of snot on his face because it was ALL OVER MY SOFA!


A bit like my sofa, without green splodges!

A bit like my sofa, without green splodges!


To go out or not to go out…that is the question! August 24, 2009

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I love going out with my girlfriends and sometimes if the wind is blowing in the right direction, I also go out with my other half.

The problem I have is organising babysitters. I just hate having to ask people to babysit, I automatically think that I’m putting people out, that they would rather be doing anything than looking after my kids.

A typical babysitter.

A typical babysitter

Unless someone offers to babysit, I tend to avoid situations where we go out together.

My other half is going out with a friend for a meal this coming Wednesday. It just so happens that my two oldest kids are having sleep overs that night, so it will just be me and baby. Baby will be in bed for 7pm so I can have a whole evening to myself. I’d planned a long bath, chocolate, a DVD and anything else that I wouldn’t normally do with a house full of demanding males.

When O.H came home from work tonight, he told me he’d had an email from his friend saying that his wife was really keen to go out for Tapas too and that he’d booked a table for four, asking if I would like to come.

‘Oh God!’ I said in return. ‘That means getting a babysitter at less than two days notice. Well you’ll just have to arrange it!’ Knowing full well that he wouldn’t.

I can’t believe myself, I love going out, I love Tapas, I don’t really know O.H’s friends so this would be a great way to get to know them yet I can’t bear the thought of having to ring around asking a ‘favour’ and on a Wednesday for goodness sake. Who goes out on a Wednesday!!

After about half an hour of O.H saying nothing about him arranging a sitter I decide to broach the subject in as subtle way as I can manage whilst doing the washing up. ‘You’re not going to organise a baby sitter are you? Lets just face facts!’ Fully expecting him to say…’Yes, you’re right, I probably won’t’, he instead threw a curve ball and said, ‘Well actually I’ve been thinking….’ Oh no, not thinking!! I don’t like thinking!! ‘They’ve got kids, they obviously have a baby sitter so lets take him over there, put him to bed and their sitter can look after him too!’ At this point I nearly hyper-ventilated.

I know I’ve got to get over this problem. I rarely ask for babysitters so I’m sure that people don’t mind and they’re not just any ‘people’ they are usually my family and love my kids, well they’ve never said anything to the contrary.

I guess I’ve got a couple of days to work something out and who knows, a Wednesday night out might do me some good.


Pensions can be interesting…really! August 20, 2009

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Ok…this is just getting plain spooky now!

You remember the Prosperity Game that we have been doing every day (Thanks to Esther and Jerry Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham ‘Ask and it is given’)…well….one of the things we keep ‘buying’ each day is property, mainly holiday home/ rental property.

We’ve had great fun finding holiday homes both here in the UK and abroad, however the reality is that our cashflow wouldn’t allow us to buy one right now.

So…where is this going….Ok I’ll tell you!

A couple of weeks ago, O.H had a letter regarding his pension and had a brain wave about cashing it in to use as a deposit on a property…oh…except you can’t do that until you retire at 65! 25 years from now…’But I need the money now!’ I heard him telling his Financial Advisor to no avail.

So there was only one thing he could do in a situation like that…search the Internet for some information.

After a bit of ‘googling’ he came up with SIPPS…I won’t bore you with what a SIPP is (Self Invested Personal Pension) partly because I don’t quite understand, but you can read about it at Money Saving Expert.

I’m going to cut a very long story short now.

After doing some sums we realised we had £27,000 in pensions between us which we could then invest in some overseas property.

To cut the story even shorter we met up with a friend of my O.H and in less that an hour and a half we had put our pension into a property in Cape Verde and not a penny down!!

Not only that, but the rental we will earn each year, will be put straight back into the pension, giving us a far better return on our money and, if our calculations are correct, the chance to retire at 55!

How exciting!!! And what had we been asking the Universe over and over for…an overseas property and now we have one with the least amount of effort ever!

What a brilliant day!


We are Macmillan Cancer support. August 17, 2009

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It’s official, is now a corporate partner of Macmillan Cancer Support!

‘What does that mean?’ I hear you say. Well, it means that for each product that we sell, we will donate a minimum of 10p to Macmillan Cancer Support.

In case you were wondering exactly what Macmillan does, here’s a quote from the Macmillan website that describes in a nutshell, some of their work.

“We rely on our supporters for 99% of our income. Without you we couldn’t provide any of our services for people living with cancer.

Force for change
We are a force for change, listening to people affected by cancer and working together to improve cancer care. People who live with cancer are experts by experience. Together we use this knowledge to make a positive difference to the lives of people affected by cancer.

When you have cancer you want high quality services, and want to be involved as equal and active partners in decisions about your treatment and care. Often this doesn’t happen. Many people also want to play an active part in improving cancer services in the future.

Campaigning and influencing
We work with people affected by cancer and other organisations to raise awareness of the issues that really matter. We influence all governments and the people who make decisions at both a regional and national level.

Cancer care research
We want to ensure cancer care is given the same priority as research into treatments and ‘cures’. To us, improving quality of life matters as much as quantity of life.

Cancer Voices
We support people affected by cancer to voice their views and shape the future of cancer care.”

We are very proud to be part of such a fantastic charity that touches the lives of so many people.


The start of our new Empire! August 6, 2009

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On Monday we delivered our biggest order yet to Tobar in Suffolk.

For those of you who don’t know, and that includes me up until a few months ago, Tobar are the parent company of Hawkins Bazaar.

Outside the warehouse

Outside the warehouse

It was a mad rush to get the £1Million notes delivered as the truck carrying 1500 of them crashed the Friday before delivery!!! Argh!! We then 72hrs to source them from another printer and pack them ready for delivery at midday on Monday.

Needless to say we had a busy old weekend getting them all ready and believe me if child labour was legal, even the baby would have been sticking bar codes on!

But we did it in the end and by Monday afternoon we had safely delivered 4000 £1Million notes, which are due to go into Hawkins shops around September time.

Hawkins/ Tobars head office. Fab clock!!

Hawkins/ Tobars head office. Fab clock!!

We then spent a lovely day in Lowestoft and Southwold which is one of my most favourite places, especially the pier. I can definately recommend the ‘Under the pier show’ which puts a new spin on coin operated machines.

All in all it was a brilliant day, the sun shone, the kids didn’t moan (much) and we went home very happy.


Talking of happy, have a go at this:


Some interesting folk! July 29, 2009

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I want to share two of my favourite blogs.

Derren Brown’s never ceases to satisfy my need for totally useless information.

I’m also a big fan of Derren’s. Not sure what he thinks to the Law of Attraction though, probably not much, but hey it works for me.

Derren Brown.

Derren Brown.

I’ve been to see his shows several times, the last one being his latest Enigma tour. He is incredible to watch, a true showman who performs the most draw dropping illusions. Go and see him if you get the chance.

The other blog I’ve been drawn to via Mr Brown’s site is by Richard Wiseman

He has just launched a new Facebook page where he will soon be revealing a new secret project.

Become a fan to find out more.


Unexpected cheques in the post! July 23, 2009

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Don’t you just love them!!!

You’ve come to the end of your bank account, the last few pennies have been dug out from the back of the sofa and you’ve raided the kids money boxes.

But…they are still bills to be paid and food to be bought…what are you going to do???

It’s time to turn to the old Law of Attraction ‘Unexpected Cheque’ routine.

The idea is, that you expect to receive a cheque in the post. You don’t need to know where the cheque is coming from, you just need to believe that you WILL get one.

You’ve got to be careful with this one though. Do you really want great Aunt Ethel dropping dead just so you can a payout from her will? Ok…maybe you do, but aside from old ladies passing away, there are other ways of getting unexpected cheques.

Let me give you an example: Last week I picked up the post, and sandwiched between the usual demands for money was an interesting envelope from America.

Inside was a cheque for $101 from Site build it. Now, I won’t go on about Site build it but they are pretty brilliant, in fact it’s where I’m building my other website.

The $101 was comission for ‘selling’ the site build it system. In fact we hadn’t actually ‘sold’ anything. It had come from people stumbling across my site and using a link that I have to buy the site build it system. Great!! We had made around £64 for doing nowt!

A few days before that we had received £111 from some other commission from a shopping cart software that we used to use for BeingaMillionaire. Again, we done nothing and yet here we are with almost £200 in our bank account.

I’m now thinking…’What would happen if I actually did something about this, there would be more cheques in the post!!’

So here’s my first attempt at a bit of promotion. By the way, this is a really REALLY great site, especially if like me, you have no idea how to build a website.