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Cornish Hols! July 16, 2009

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Just got back from a wonderful break in Cornwall. The weather was fabulous, the beaches were clean and uncrowded and our accomodation was comfortable.

My dad had taken the two eldest to Center Parcs, so it was just us two and youngest, who had a whale of a time digging in the sand and falling into rockpools.

We've got to go down WHERE!!!

We've got to go down WHERE!!!

We had ‘ordered’ the trip to Padstow whilst working through the prosperity game. We had also ‘ordered’ a meal at Fifteen and Rick Stein’s sea food restaurant. Unfortunately we had to make do with gazing at the menus looking like we were going in to book, but then changing our minds!!

In fact we did go into Rick Stein’s place and booked ourself a table for dinner knowing that they don’t allow young children. The receptionist booked us in and then noticed our grinning toddler sitting in his very battered bright yellow pushchair. ‘I’m sorry we don’t take children under the age of three’. ‘Oh No!!’ exclaimed the OH, ‘Well you’ll just have to cancel our booking’ and trounced out in disgust. We then stood in the nearby chippy giggling.

O.H Outside Fifteen. They don't do just coffee!

O.H Outside Fifteen. They don't do just coffee!

On our way back from Padstow, we decided to ditch the Sat Nav and navigate the old fashioned way with a map! Somehow we managed to drive past a place called St Kitts Herbery. As I have a passing interest in herbs we decided to pull in. Outside were gorgeous smelling herbs and a very friendly cat which youngest waved at so vigorously he fell over!

Inside was a wonderful shop full of lotions, bubble baths, creams and chocolate!! All hand made using natural ingredients.

I had a field day picking out some face cream, cleanser and of course…chocolate!!

We had a long chat with the owner Paul and he told us how it was a family run business and when they first started and despite huge debts they persevered with the business and have now found success online and even supply Jamie Oliver’s restaurants.

It was a great story and sounded very ‘Law of attraction’. I’ve been using their products for a week now and I’m very impressed. I might even stopped buying my Neals Yard products and switch to St Kitts.


I love free festivals July 6, 2009

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This weekend was the annual ‘Free’ Godiva Festival in Coventry.

We had a brilliant time!! Friday night was 80’s night with The Blow Monkeys, Go West and Womack and Womack. Which isn’t my cup of tea, but still it’s free!!

Saturday night we went to see Toploader and the headliners were Idlewild. Oh did I say it was FREE!!!

We had a fab time, the weather was warm and the kids actually behaved.

Youngest enjoying Toploader!!

Youngest enjoying Toploader!!

Quick blog as today we’re off to Rick Steinshire…er I mean Padstow for a break with the youngest whilst the two elder boys go and torture their Grandad for a week!!



Back on the right track! July 2, 2009

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I kind of knew it would happen.

After my little hissy fit on Tuesday about speeding fines and ‘lack’ of money I took a deep breath, calmed down and reverted back to focusing on raising my vibration.

That night I received an email from a business owner interested in buying some £1million notes for his shop and website and by Wednesday morning he had placed his order! When OH (Other half) asked where he’d heard of us he gave us a name of some clients of ours from years ago, people we had lost contact with.

So there you have it, I guess I have to trust the Universe and know that it will always provide what we want when we want it. I have a terrible habit of projecting into the future and then panicking about not having enough.

Changing the subject, I have just finished reading a book called ‘Petite Anglaise’ by Catherine Sanderson.

In a nutshell it’s a true account of about an English girl (Catherine) who moves to Paris, meets her man, has a baby and the begins to write a blog which ultimately changes her life

Petite Anglaise

Petite Anglaise

I had no idea it was about a blog until I started to read it. It was really freaky as when Catherine writes about receiving comments, I checked my blog to find I had received some comments. I was so excited and felt as though there was some kind of connection.

I’ve been so taken with the book that I sent Catherine a message by email and she replied. I was incredibly excited as it felt like the book coming true. (She connected with her blog readers alot) I think I’ve become a bit of a stalker!! By the way, if you happen to be reading this Catherine, I can assure you I am NOT a stalker and there is no need to be in the slightest bit scared!!

It got me thinking how small the world is becoming, especially the world of celebrity. There I am conversing with my current favourite author, reading Stephen Fry’s tweets and finding about about Michael Jackson’s death via a website before the BBC even announced it.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, it’s just another of those things that amazes me about the world we live in today.

Anyway, I completely recommend you read Petite Anglaise, especially if you have a blog yourself.


Deep Breath! June 30, 2009

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I’m on a learning curve!

I thought I’d cracked this Law of Attraction thingy but I’m now realising that it is a constant test of strength, determination and staying power.

We’re still doing the prosperity game every day. We’ve hit the £60k mark and so far we’ve ‘virtually’ given to numerous charities, bought boats, holiday homes, clothes, jewellery etc.

And….things are coming into realisation, we are drawing to us money, experiences and long wished for items.

I went and had a little spend this morning in readiness for our five days in Padstow (something we had ‘ordered’ through the prosperity game). I got home laden with bags, happy that I had spent within our budget. My first job after getting me and smallest child successfully through the door without either of us falling down the steps or tripping over each other, was to check the post.

Only two letters….happy days…oh hold on…West Midlands Police!! oh *!/**”!?/~#. Speeding….again!!!! Where this time? Road works on the M6!!! Grrrrrrr……another sixty thousand pound fine or whatever it is now!

The first thing I did was call my other half to tell him. ‘Oh…ah….er…em’. He said, not very helpfully. He then threw me a curve ball ‘You know my expenses claim. The one that we were using to fund our Padstow spend, you know so we can eat at Fifteen and Rick Steins place? Well I’ve been told I can only claim £50 worth….something…cash flow…something…September…..something’.

Oh great! I sat looking at the pile of bags by the door. I immediately felt deflated and then anxious that I’d overspent. ‘Hey…it’s ok!’ I suddenly realised that my ever positive other half was still on the ‘phone. ‘It will all be alright you know. It always is. We’ll just have to cook for ourselves and have picnics. It’ll be fun’

I know it will be alright, but why does the universe keep doing this to me. As soon as i think I’ve got all sussed, and that wealth is finally flowing to us, something happens! I can only think it’s to keep me on my toes. It’s not like we’re destitute, we have a home, our health and each other, the occasional treat is just that…occasional and I guess that makes us appreciate them even more.

I saw a former lottery winner being interviewed on GMTV a few weeks back. A lovely woman who looked like she had her head screwed on the right way. She said that winning the lottery had made her realise what she DIDN’T want. Before her lottery win she used to look at things in the shops and say to herself, ‘I wish I had the money for that.’ Once she won the lottery she realised that she didn’t want any of those things, it made her prioritise what she DID want. I thought that was a great way of looking at the things.

So instead of feeling fed up, I’ve decided, while I’ve been writing this, to feel excited about what happens next. Time to put my postive thinking cap on and manifest some spending money!! Because I DO want to go to Rick Steins Restaurant!!!


Follow us on Twitter June 25, 2009

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I’m now on Twitter.
You can follow the expoilts of BeingaMillionaire as well as notification of new blogs!!


Coffee, cake and a beauty treatment? June 22, 2009

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What more could a girl ask for!

On Saturday one of my best friends took me to an amazing girlie place in Burbage, Leicestershire.

When she told me we were going for coffee, cake and a beauty treatment, I had no idea what to expect. We arrived at a small industrial estate and entered one of the units. It was like walking into Aladdins cave!

Chandaliers hanging from the ceiling, beautifully set tables, jewellery and hand bags for sale and comfy chairs. We were offered a coffee and each had a half hour beauty treatment. Afterwards we were treated to more coffee and the best home make cake ever!! (Even better than mine!)


It was a wonderful afternoon, they also do lunches and evening meals where you can have a three course meal and beauty treatments. Fantastic!!

Check out the website at


Blimey….it’s the law of attraction! June 4, 2009

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I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!!

Me and my other half have been reading and practicing the law of attraction for some time now, but we always felt that we weren’t quite there, that our vibration just wasn’t at the right frequency!

Over the past couple of months my other half’s business wasn’t doing well due to the credit crunch! Bills were going unpaid, the kids were going without and every day felt like a real struggle. When one day I couldn’t even get my eldest boys 75p bus fair together, I knew we had hit rock bottom.

Four weeks ago the OH (Other half) dug out his copy of ‘Ask and it is given’ by Esther Hicks and showed me a prosperity game that he wanted us to try.

I wasn’t particularly keen as I thought going out and doing something practical would serve us better than sitting in bed playing a game, but as i wasn’t doing anything special at the time I agreed.

What you do is either find a free personal finance programme or just use a piece of paper and on day one pay yourself £1000, day two £2,000 day three £3,000 and so on.

The challange is that by the end of each day you HAVE to have spent the lot and recorded what you’ve spent it on.

Now the first week is pretty simple. It’s easy finding things to spend a couple of grand on, but the more you pay yourself, the harder it gets. You have to become more imaginative and start browsing the net for things to spend your money on, whether it’s possesions, holidays or charities.

The idea is, that it raises your vibrational energy, so instead of moping about saying, ‘I’ve got no money, I don’t know what we’re going to do!’, you wake up thinking, ‘Great, I’ve got £20,000 to spend today.’

After doing this for a couple of days, I started to get really into it, and pretty soon it became hard to distinguish what money we really had and what money we had in our ‘other’ account.

After playing the game for 3 weeks I checked my bank account one morning to find over £6000 had been paid into my account!!!! After some digging around I discovered that I’d been paid an unexpected tax rebate! I could barely believe my eyes!!! Then, other money started coming in from here and there, big orders for the £1Million notes, deals being closed by OH and before we knew it we were back on our feet again, with money to spare!!

The really amazing thing about all of this, is the ‘items’ that we’d been ‘buying’ are starting to become reality, and not through us purchasing them but through donation or chance. Two new laptops, a piano, a trip to Padstow, regular donations to Macmillan cancer support, just a couple of the things we had ‘asked’ for. We can’t wait for the first class flight to Australia with Quantas and the week on Richard Branson’s Necker Island!!

Joe Viatalie on ‘The Secret’ describes ordering from the Universe like flicking through a catalogue and he’s absolutely right!

So get ordering!!