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To go out or not to go out…that is the question! August 24, 2009

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I love going out with my girlfriends and sometimes if the wind is blowing in the right direction, I also go out with my other half.

The problem I have is organising babysitters. I just hate having to ask people to babysit, I automatically think that I’m putting people out, that they would rather be doing anything than looking after my kids.

A typical babysitter.

A typical babysitter

Unless someone offers to babysit, I tend to avoid situations where we go out together.

My other half is going out with a friend for a meal this coming Wednesday. It just so happens that my two oldest kids are having sleep overs that night, so it will just be me and baby. Baby will be in bed for 7pm so I can have a whole evening to myself. I’d planned a long bath, chocolate, a DVD and anything else that I wouldn’t normally do with a house full of demanding males.

When O.H came home from work tonight, he told me he’d had an email from his friend saying that his wife was really keen to go out for Tapas too and that he’d booked a table for four, asking if I would like to come.

‘Oh God!’ I said in return. ‘That means getting a babysitter at less than two days notice. Well you’ll just have to arrange it!’ Knowing full well that he wouldn’t.

I can’t believe myself, I love going out, I love Tapas, I don’t really know O.H’s friends so this would be a great way to get to know them yet I can’t bear the thought of having to ring around asking a ‘favour’ and on a Wednesday for goodness sake. Who goes out on a Wednesday!!

After about half an hour of O.H saying nothing about him arranging a sitter I decide to broach the subject in as subtle way as I can manage whilst doing the washing up. ‘You’re not going to organise a baby sitter are you? Lets just face facts!’ Fully expecting him to say…’Yes, you’re right, I probably won’t’, he instead threw a curve ball and said, ‘Well actually I’ve been thinking….’ Oh no, not thinking!! I don’t like thinking!! ‘They’ve got kids, they obviously have a baby sitter so lets take him over there, put him to bed and their sitter can look after him too!’ At this point I nearly hyper-ventilated.

I know I’ve got to get over this problem. I rarely ask for babysitters so I’m sure that people don’t mind and they’re not just any ‘people’ they are usually my family and love my kids, well they’ve never said anything to the contrary.

I guess I’ve got a couple of days to work something out and who knows, a Wednesday night out might do me some good.