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Unexpected cheques in the post! July 23, 2009

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Don’t you just love them!!!

You’ve come to the end of your bank account, the last few pennies have been dug out from the back of the sofa and you’ve raided the kids money boxes.

But…they are still bills to be paid and food to be bought…what are you going to do???

It’s time to turn to the old Law of Attraction ‘Unexpected Cheque’ routine.

The idea is, that you expect to receive a cheque in the post. You don’t need to know where the cheque is coming from, you just need to believe that you WILL get one.

You’ve got to be careful with this one though. Do you really want great Aunt Ethel dropping dead just so you can a payout from her will? Ok…maybe you do, but aside from old ladies passing away, there are other ways of getting unexpected cheques.

Let me give you an example: Last week I picked up the post, and sandwiched between the usual demands for money was an interesting envelope from America.

Inside was a cheque for $101 from Site build it. Now, I won’t go on about Site build it but they are pretty brilliant, in fact it’s where I’m building my other website.

The $101 was comission for ‘selling’ the site build it system. In fact we hadn’t actually ‘sold’ anything. It had come from people stumbling across my site and using a link that I have to buy the site build it system. Great!! We had made around £64 for doing nowt!

A few days before that we had received £111 from some other commission from a shopping cart software that we used to use for BeingaMillionaire. Again, we done nothing and yet here we are with almost £200 in our bank account.

I’m now thinking…’What would happen if I actually did something about this, there would be more cheques in the post!!’

So here’s my first attempt at a bit of promotion. By the way, this is a really REALLY great site, especially if like me, you have no idea how to build a website.